Sequences and the product lifecycle in the BCG-Matrix

Success Sequence in the BCG-Matrix
The Success sequence of the BCG matrix happens when a question mark becomes a Star and finally it becomes a cash cow. This is the most wanted sequence which really gives a boost to the companies profits and growth. The success sequence unlike the disaster sequence is entirely dependent on the right decision making.

Disaster sequence in the BCG-Matrix 
The Disaster sequence of the BCG matrix happens when a product which is a cash cow, due to competitive pressure might be moved to a star. It fails out from the competition and it is moved to a question mark and finally it may have to be divested because of its low market share and low growth rate. Thus the disaster sequence might happen because of wrong decision making. This sequence affects the company as a lot of investments are lost to the divested product. Along with this the money coming in from the cash cow which is used for other products too is lost.